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A Glowing Testimonial About My Michigan CCW/CPL Class

A Very Shameless Plug By A Recent Graduate

It is not rare for me to receive a testimonial from a former student of my CCW/CPL Classes that I conduct in Detroit, Michigan. However, I must say that I recently received the "mother of all reviews" from one student. It was so detailed that I felt compelled to share it. In all honesty, it's kind of embarrassing for me - at times - at some of the passages he wrote, but I met him and know that he's sincere. Check it out for yourself!



If I had to summarize words to describe Rick's CPL Course it would be "impacting," "electrifying," "empowering," and "sensational!" After leaving Rick's CPL Course you will surely feel as if you were blessed by God Almighty, Himself, for leading you to it.

After attending Rick's CPL class on Sunday, July 27th, 2008, I felt accomplished and OVER-satisfied. Rick's CPL course left me knowing that I eradicated another one of life's barriers. Rick's CPL/Firearm class was the next best thing to making love to and afterwards having hot-nasty-sweaty sex with your high school crush.

I am no square; however, being a so-called "black" man and twenty-one years of age, at the time, Rick's CPL class made me feel that obtaining a CPL was all worth me staying out of trouble with the law in my younger years.

The entire experience was a true blessing seeing a strong, extremely articulate, compassionate, and passionate brother instructing the meek and guiding men AND women in the right direction of protection, safety, and just decisions.

I did not leave Rick's CPL class feeling a sense of loss, confusion, or as if I had been cheated for another's personal gain. I felt EMPOWERED, INSTRUCTED, and ENSURED that I had this sort of divine firearm knowledge that would be useful not only with myself, but for the well-being of others as well. The class was so fantastic that I would pay ANOTHER one-hundred and forty hard-earned dollars just to sit through his CPL class many times more (If I had money like that, LOL!).

Note: Everything in Rick's firearm course is done professionally "on schedule" putting an end to the stereotype that "black men are never on time."

An exceptional situation that might delay the course from moving exactly to schedule is if Rick takes notice that ANY of his students has not fully comprehended the lesson. I would also like to add, Rick will most certainly ask if anybody has any questions about ANYTHING pertaining to "firearms" before moving on. Do not think or even attempt to lie in this course because Rick will question YOU based on what he has just presented to see if you only replied "No" out of shyness! Rick will not move on or rush his class through a lesson.

Attending one of Rick's firearm courses you will see that Rick's Firearm Academy is not all about money, hustling the unaware, and taking advantage of the naïve like most firearm instruction posers. You will witness that Rick's goal is to arm you with KNOWLEDGE first before giving you the certification to arm you with a pistol!!!

Ricks CPL course is about eight hours long and divided into four sections, which I will briefly discuss. I do not intend to completely spoil Rick's firearm course for you because I delight in saving all the excitement for when you are sitting in front of Rick's demonstration and presentation.

Note: BE PREPARED TO TAKE NOTES, OR YOU WILL CHEAT YOURSELF! I still review my notes to this very day; very critical and handy to have.


Defensive Shooting: The Psychological and Spiritual Stage

The first division of the course is "Defensive Shooting" which lasts about 50 minutes ON SCHEDULE unless "thee exception" applies. During this lesson, the first principles you will learn are GUN SAFETY rules; SAFETY FIRST! This lesson will gear you with the wisdom of becoming a responsible firearm owner.

Rick will train your MIND to handle a firearm and defend yourself CORRECTLY. YES, there is a "correct" and "incorrect" way of defending yourself; the incorrect way can result in your physical survival, but in fatal injuries to innocent bystanders.

In the Defensive Shooting lesson, Rick will teach you strategies on how to gain the odds in the favor of yourself and ALL innocents when attacked by a "threat"! This lesson is the most important of all the lessons within the course because it prevents the misinformed from endangering ourselves and others. Rick will transform your mentality about firearms and graduate it during this lesson!

***Spoiler Alert***

You, the student, will learn the difference between "killing somebody", "eliminating a threat", and "defending yourself" against "unnecessary evils". You, the licensed self-defender, will also be instructed how to defensively and effectively "eliminate the threat". In Layman's terms, you will learn the best place to shoot a violent attacker assuring you "eliminate the threat" when necessary.

Handgun Skills: The Physical Stage

The Handgun skills course will enlighten you in the physical aspect of gun handling and gun range safety and preparation. You DO NOT want to alarm or endanger law enforcement agents or other CPL registrants at the range, doing so may result in your own demise! In the Handgun Skills lesson you will learn everything you need to know about operating, handling, and storing a firearm. This is the part of the course when things become more serious because Rick requires that everyone in his Firearm Academy makes it out ALIVE, UNINJURED, and INFORMED!

***Spoiler Alert***

Things you'll learn:

- Proper Firearm terminology, for the misinformed, to prevent you from walking into a firearm's store and making ourselves look-like a complete jackass with our ignorance.

- Types of ammunition, the names of and different types of ammunition available for defensive firearm weapons. Learn how to maximize your stopping power without over-penetrating the threat and endangering innocent victims.

- Firearm testing, to ensure that your defense weapon is functioning properly, preventing lethal freak accidents.

Those are just the least of the things you will learn during this lesson!

Legal Topics: The Judicial Stage

Hands down, this has to be the most dynamic part of the Rick's entire course. This is the moment you have been waiting for, when you get to ask a professional ABA accredited criminal lawyer as many daring and challenging questions as your heart desires. (Your eyes should be big and sparkly right now!)

You will become so damn empowered with knowledge in legalities and technicalities of the American judicial system to guarantee that you make correct judgments in possible future occurrences. You have civilian rights that most likely you are not familiar with, it is a NECESSITY that you learn of these rights immediately!

This lesson will employ with such extensive wisdom to assure you that law enforcement sees to it that you, the victim, are treated as such and not the "threat", "attacker" or "criminal". You will also learn how to wisely make a response and cooperate with law enforcement after an incident or during a routine traffic stop while having your defensive firearm in possession. Additionally, after this course you are entitled to one free hour of personal consultation with the same ABA accredited lawyer. YOU CAN'T BEAT THAT!

***Spoiler Alert***

Purchasing Firearms: How and where to "legally" obtain a firearm, also what kinds of firearms are legal, which ones are effective in self-defense, and which ones to stay away from.

Pistol Free Zones: Rick and the ABA accredited lawyer, Joseph A. Boyer, will go into depth of where it is and where it is not legal to carry your registered firearm.

CPL Recognition: other states that acknowledge Michigan CPLs, the states that do not acknowledge Michigan CPLs, and how to go about becoming obtaining firearm permission in those unrecognizing states.

Again, those are just the least of the things you will learn during this lesson!

Home Safety/Violent Encounters: Strategizing Self-Defense

The title of the lesson speaks for itself, Home Safety/Violent Encounters, instructs you on how to better protect and defend yourself and others "in" and "outside" of your home against "threats". Rick will teach you in this course how to judge when or when not to exercise deadly force against "violent encounters". Sometimes it is better to flee than to fight a losing battle that may jeopardize the safety of you, your family, law enforcers, and other innocent civilians. SAFETY FIRST!!!

Characteristics of Rick Ector as an NRA Firearm Instructor

- Safety First: a zero nonsense attitude when it comes to safety.

- Ecstatic presentation: Rick is not the type of instructor that makes you feel as if he does not want to be there himself. You can tell that Rick is really passionate about what he does as an instructor. He actually gives a damn what you do in and outside of his academy.

- Effective Technique: delivers everything in a well-mannered understandable high quality fashion. Rick has great inter- and intrapersonal communication skills.

- Energetic: Ever heard the phrase "never a dull moment?"

- Innovative: Rick's course is inspiring; it should be a required credit for graduation in all graduate and post-graduate institutions.

- Motivational: Rick gives empowers the law-abiding productive citizens.

- Balanced: Rick Ector IS NOT gender or racially biased. Firearm safety is color-blind and androgynous in nature.

- Clarity: There is no deceitfulness, vanity, or arrogancy within Rick's Academy.


Through-out his lessons, Rick throws in humorous gestures, so you will not feel as if you are being instructed by a monstrous drill sergeant or being bored to death by the white dude from the Clear Eyes commercial.

Before the course ends, you will have been armed with enough firearm knowledge to make you feel more secure in society and you will have shot at least thirty rounds of live ammunition from a real firearm at a non-living target at a real live gun range.

- An extra included in this course is the Concealed Pistol License Application packet. Participants also receive NRA Personal Protection Book, NRA Sports Shooting Guide, and NRA Gun Safety Brochure. As mentioned before, you will receive an hour long presentation on lethal force/self defense from a MI bar approved attorney, a framable Certificate of Completion, and all the coffee you can drink.

- All students receive a voucher for one free hour of coaching ($75 value) at a local shooting range (range time, ammo, & gun rental not included).

- All graduates are entitled to a free life-time retake of the class for renewals (No materials/certificate issued).


Cedric J. Ector, better known as "Rick", is the Miyamoto Musashi of Firearm safety and defense. Daniel-son are you ready to be taught by Mr. Miyagi? Time to wax-off and relinquish your mind, body, and spirit of vain ignorance and wax-on some everlasting power and wisdom!

By being ignorant of firearm safety and defense, you make yourself, YOUR LOVED ONES, your friends, AND innocent men, women, and children a victim: a victim to violent threats, a victim to the legal justice system, and a victim to yourself.

Rick is always readily available to answer your concerns as well as message you through internet resources or randomly call to follow up with you to see if all is well. I forgot to mention, if based on circumstance you happen to be low on cash, Rick will work with you to ensure you complete the course.

After attending Rick's Firearm Academy, you will return back to society fully assured that you were not misinformed, feel as if you have a degree in Firearms, and were instructed by a Firearm Professor. If Rick continues in truth, justice, and righteousness, maybe one day soon we will see Rick win a Nobel Peace Prize. Welcome to the family Rick!


Only take Rick's Firearm Academy CPL course if you are willing to handle receiving accolades of power and wisdom! If you believe anything I said is a lie, take Rick's Firearm course, and if you do not leave with a sensation matching what I described, then write a rebuttal opposing my review and I will shoot myself in the foot! (Joke!)

Mr. Johnta J. Robinson, Detroit, Michigan

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