Sunday, November 16, 2008

7 Ways We Can Preserve The Second Amendment

Over the past couple of weeks, I have participated in numerous discussions - both online and in person - about the results of our nation's recent Presidential Election results. Predictably, most gun rights activists are concerned about our future ability to keep and bear arms.

Unless you have been living in a cave the past month, you know that our next President will be Barack Obama. No disrespect to the President-Elect, but his positions on gun rights are abominable. As an example, when he was a state legislator in Illinois, he voted to prohibit homeowners from owning handguns to defend themselves and their families against home invasions.

Personally, I am dedicating the next four years to becoming more active politically to do my part to preserve the Second Amendment. I will teach even greater numbers of citizens how to safely operate a firearm and strongly encourage them to get Michigan Concealed Pistol Licenses. No one single election is going to take away my rights.

This post will share with its readers, some very practical and easy ways for the average freedom loving gun owner to preserve firearm ownership rights for at least another generation. Each generation must do its part. It was once written, "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance." I am going to do my part. Please join me.

1. Continue To Be Responsible With Your Firearm
One of the best ways to preserve our gun ownership rights is to behave responsibly with firearms. The last thing we want to do is "give them ammunition" for another assault on our rights. For good or bad, all gun owners not only represent themselves and their respective communities but also represent other firearm owners.

When "shall issue" became law in Michigan, all the nay-sayers incorrectly predicted that the streets would be inundated with blood. In fact, the statistics consistently show that Concealed Pistol Licensees (CPL) are the most law abiding citizens across the state. The gun-grabbers consistently fail to realize, that by definition, criminals break the law; New laws only penalize and harm law-abiding citizens.

2. Join A Firearms Rights Organization
Aligning yourself with a firearms rights organization will also help to preserve our gun ownership rights. Among other things, you will be kept abreast of the issues, be informed of activities happening nationally and in your community, and be told the truth about guns and their role in personal protection.

Further, you will enable firearms organizations to lobby legislators against passing ill-informed "do-gooder" legislation that will not curb crime and will hamper law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves and their families during these dangerous and perilous times.

Some organizations you should consider joining are the following:

3. Write Letters To Your Local Newspapers
Another means of preserving your Second Amendment right is writing letters to your local newspaper's "Editor's Page." Opponents of gun rights are incessant in their efforts to demonize guns in the media. We need you to counter-act these activities by becoming more vocal. For example, every single time a person is assaulted or attacked in a Pistol-Free Zone, fire off a letter to the newspaper that calls for the abolition of these zones of hazard-free working environments for violent predators.

4. Take A Friend To The Gun Range
One means of preserving our Second Amendment rights can be the act of taking a friend, neighbor, or family member to the gun range. Many people are abivalent about firearms and the Second Amendment because they don't see the relevance in their life. Perhaps, they were never a victim of a violent crime or simply don't think that they know any law-abiding gun owners.

Many people who I have publicly debated with on the subject of guns and firearms rights are definitely anti-Second Amendment. In fact, I don't relish the opportunity to "shoot down" their positions with the facts. I engage in these debates because "fence-sitters" are listening and deserve the opportunity to hear our side of the gun rights argument.

Taking a friend to the range can do wonders for our cause. Among other things it can show that law-abiding citizens can handle the responsibility of gun ownership, dispel untrue stereotypes, and introduce folks to a great sport and enjoyable activity.

5. Don't Patronize Anti-Gun Businesses
One way to preserve our Second Amendment rights is to not patronize businesses that are anti-gun. Private property owners (e.g. brick and mortar businesses, shopping malls, and eateries) have the right to bar law-abiding armed citizens from their premises. Accordingly, they make their position known by posting signs on their premises.

In a smiliar vein, law-abiding gun owners do not have to patronize these businesses. We need to get their attention and hit them where it hurts: their bottom lines. If enough gun owners not only avoid these establishments but also write letters to the respective owners and managers of these places we can get their attention.

Besides, by barring guns these places are unwittingly placing their customers at risk. They don't have a clue that a violent criminal could care less about what a sign says what he can or can't do. Furthermore, the criminal "knows" that his intended victims are unarmed - or at least should be unarmed. I don't patronize Pistol-Free Zone Businesses for precisely this reason. In my humble opinion, you shouldn't either.

6. Educate Yourself - Buy A Gun Rights Book
Another means of protecting your Second Amendment rights is by educating yourself on the issues. There is no easier way to get started on this journey of self discovery and personal growth than by visiting your favorite bookseller - online or offline - and purchasing a Pro-Gun Rights book.

Personally, as you might imagine, I own quite a few. If you want to get started right away, I suggest you check out these books:

  • Black Man With A Gun - Kenn VF Blanchard
  • More Guns, Less Crime - John Lott
  • Thank God I Had A Gun - Chris Byrd
  • The Global War On Your Guns - Wayne LaPierre

7. Never Vote For An Anti-Candidate
Under absolutely no circumstances, should a freedom loving gun owning citizen ever vote for an anti-gun candidate at any level of government. Personally, if I had to vote in my local community for the elected position of dogcatcher he couldn't get my vote unless he was pro-gun.

In this last election at the presidential level, in my humble opinion, many people in my beloved country chose to "drink the Kool-Aid" because we had a chance to show the world how far we have come with regards to race relations.

No person, of any color, can get my vote unless he is pro-Second Amendment. End of argument.

The next four years will bring a lot of challenges to our country on many fronts. Together, we can preserve liberty. Please join me. For it was once said, "If we don't hang together, we shall definitely hang separately."

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