Tuesday, March 12, 2024

The Best Argument That The Enemy Has Is A Red Herring

Sometimes, the art of writing, for some, is mere "cherry-picking" of a desired quote from a suitable authority. The greater point is that those parents had a troubled kid and no one - including the school - did anything about it. 

Moreover, you could lock up a firearm in accordance to the law and still have a tragedy. Other issues are mental health, proper parenting, and the failure of the school system that knew that kid had serious problems. 

Making this case solely about firearm storage is misguided and myopic. The new law emphasizes punishment - after the fact - and does nothing to truly protect kids. If you really care, you would educate them on the subject - in school. However, as I inferred earlier, that kid had bigger problems that can't be fixed with a gun lock.

I was cited/quoted in an article today. They are chasing clicks - not enlightenment.

True story.

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