Friday, March 8, 2024

Rick Ector to Appear on the Steve Gruber Show Today at 8am EST

Watch Rick Ector discuss his upcoming lethal force training event on the Steve Gruber Show today at 8am EST. He will be discussing a firearm training event that will take place at Liberty Church In Auburn Hills on Saturday at 12 noon EST.

Legally Armed in Detroit presents "Lethal Force Aftermath: Survivor Stories 3"

Saturday, March 9, 2024 - 12 Noon to 2:00PM

Admission is 100% FREE to attend. FREE Registration is required.

Liberty General Baptist Church, 3545 Joslyn Rd., Auburn Hills, MI

Attend to hear factual real-life "Survivor Stories" from our latest panel of invited speakers who were forced to fend for themselves after being selected for victimization.

What You Will Hear and Learn

Our last "Survivor Stories" panel shared their deeply personal stories before our group of attendees who intently listened to their tales of survival. Most folks present took detailed notes and asked profound questions to find lessons and strategies to enhance their own personal protection plans.

The last panel discussion and presentation of individual testimonies was predicted to be the only time an event of this type would ever be held. Fortunately, we were able to coax another group of courageous survivors to step forward and share their experiences to possibly help other law-abiding citizens.

Each of our invited speakers are not employed by any law enforcement agencies. As such, they are "regular" every-day citizens such as yourself who managed to survive the worse 60 seconds of their lives.

Listen to our panelists individually share their mindset and level of awareness before they were attacked and compare that with the lessons they learned in the aftermath.

Discover the realities of being attacked and how they each managed to survive their lethal force encounters. Info shared at this seminar can help you survive, if you are ever targeted by purveyors of violence.

Also, you will hear their individual accounts of what happened in the aftermath. Our confirmed panelists have widely varying experiences. One panelist was severely injured and is here to tell the his story. The other panelist was forced to use defensive force against a determined adversary.

Both panelists will answer your questions about surviving a violent attack.

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