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Shooting Tip: Double-Up on Your Hearing Protection

Shooting Tip: Double-Up on Your Hearing Protection

Recreational shooters should know that discharging a firearm, as little as .22LR in caliber, for prolonged periods of time without hearing protection can cause permanent hearing loss. Thus, it is imperative that hearing protection devices be worn when shooting.

US Regulatory Law 40 CFR 211.204-1 requires manufacturers to label hearing protection devices with a Noise Reduction Ratio (NRR). This value gives shooters a relative measure, in decibels, of how well the device will protect their hearing. A commonly suggested minimum value for firearm operators is an NRR value of 22db.

Most consumers, however, are not educated as to how this rating reduces their actual sound exposure. A calculation of the labeled NRR value should have 7 subtracted from it and the remainder should be halved to give the true measure of protection.

For example, a set of hearing muffs or a pair of ear plugs with a NRR rating of 29 would translate into an actual exposure reduction of 10db. (e.g. (29 -7)/2 = 11db)

A shooter who doubles up on his hearing protection, by wearing both muffs and plugs, will have increased protection. In this case, the hearing protection device with the highest NRR value will simply have 5 units added it to give the overall reduction value of wearing both devices.

For example, a set of hearing muffs with a NRR rating of 27 being worn along with ear plugs with a NRR rating of 29 would translate into an actual exposure reduction of 34db. (e.g. (29+5) = 34db)
Furthermore, to further enhance protection a shooter should acquire and use the highest rated protective devices available on the market. Muffs and plugs with NRR ratings of 34 are inexpensively available on Amazon.

Moreover the operator should ensure that his hearing devices are in fine condition and are being worn correctly.
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