Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Arrogance of the Gun Grabbers

The Arrogance of the Gun Grabbers
The galling arrogance of some anti-gun folk really grinds my gears, especially when they try to portray us as being selfish because we wish to retain all our rights and responsibilities of firearm ownership. Somehow, in their twisted minds, we are complicit with the evil that bad men and women do because we won't yield just one more time. 

Of course, in my humble opinion, it is a totally unwarranted negative characterization of gun rights advocates. We know that any ground ceded will only give genesis to more demands because you intentionally fail to address our society ills at the root cause. You only understand the act of reflexively doubling down on more gun laws without any consideration to clearing the law books of previously enacted laws that have already been proven to be impotent.

Moreover, all of us are saddened and outraged when someone for whatever reason decides to commit a violent and unjustified atrocity. No person regardless of their political affiliation should or would feel any different. We all are diminished when lives are prematurely cut down by the depraved, especially when done for the most selfish motives: attention, money, jealousy, and power. Regardless, the actions of the dangerously mentally ill or the willful misconduct of predators does not mean that we should suffer any reduction of rights that we like to exercise. The arrogance of anti gun folk is galling. 

No, we are not going to agree to another infringement simply for the sake of doing "something" even when we both know that it won't change anything. It is as if symbolism, for its own sake, would make a difference. Instead, we embrace our freedom and liberty to assume a greater responsibility for the safety of self and our families. We refuse to give in to the fear of acts that bad men do. However, you, would rather fall upon your knees and plead for the sympathies and good-will of a sociopath. I am not knocking you. If that is your plan, I support your right to be victim. Just keep your nose out of my right to defend myself and my loved ones.

Through it all, we even take the time out of lives to debate you when you feel that your newest argument will somehow be more logical and more Constitutional than the last hair-brained scheme you dreamt on some previous occasion. We entertain your whims and fancies, as a courtesy, even when we already know that we can confidently stand on our birth-right as citizens of this nation to own and carry a firearm for no other reason than "because we want to." To simply drop the mic - figuratively speaking - would be gratifying in so many ways but may send the wrong message. We engage your rhetoric because we want to show you - using your examples and constructs - how ill conceived, illogical, and emotional your argument sound when fed back to you.

Gun owners, in your minds, are somehow different. We are so different from you because you for some reason can't discern that we are law-abiding because we simply choose to be. In a classic sense of projection bourne of your ignorance, you can't fathom a person to be moral, ethical, and just with a firearm in his possession. You view us a potential killers even though we have lived lives clean enough to get carry permits and you rationalize it as we have yet to start our inevitable criminal decline. After all, you unabashedly and publicly opine, "All bad guys start with their first crime." Due process is a foreign concept to you. 

Ironically, you fail to recognize that many of us, if not some, used to be like you. Sometimes, it takes having a gun in the hands of a predator levelled at your head for one to have an epiphany or a similar revelation. Maybe gun laws have absolutely nothing to do with subverting the bad intent of predators who wish to victimize, rape, and loot. Maybe disarming people who lives devoid of violence only serves to aid in their later victimization.

Liberty - or what is left of it - is our greatest asset as a nation. It does not guarantee safety. It never did and it never should. If you desire to be safe, you have the freedom to do exactly that - engage in the appropriate activities and make good decisions. Release yourself from the burden of dictating how another should live. That is his job, regardless of how good he is at performing it.
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