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Ask The Michigan Firearm Instructor: Ammunition Prohibitions

Ask The Michigan Firearm Instructor

Q: Hey Rick, I just have a question that I hope you can shed some light on. I was at the gun shop the other day and the guy behind the counter told me that there are actually restrictions on the type of self defense cartridges a person with a cpl can use. I specifically asked him about the Lehigh maximum expansion rounds that are very good for under penetration. He said those would be restricted and I would be in trouble if I ever had used those in a self defense situation. I cannot find any info online about these supposed restrictions and I was wondering if you knew any more on this. Thanks!

A: I am unaware of any prohibitions against using any "off-the-shelf" ammunition cartridges for users who have no firearm ownership and gun possession disabilities in the state of Michigan. I am fully apprised of the fact that civilian operators in the state of New Jersey can't own or possess jacketed hollow point (JHP) ammunition.

For the record, I strongly endorse that operators - where legal - only use "defensive" ammunition for personal protection. Those rounds, such as JHPs, are designed to hit, penetrate, and stop in the first struck target. This is a safety feature designed to protect innocents. Alternatively, it is very likely, especially for the 9mm caliber, that practice rounds (FMJs) will over-penetrate and will also hit whatever is located behind the intended target.

If you "accidentally" shoot an unintended target, you may be sent to prison and lose all of your worldly possessions in a civil suit. Thus, you SHOULD always use defensive rounds for personal protection. You will pay more money but peace of mind is worth the expenditure. Carrying practice rounds in your firearm is too risky.
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