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The Number One Reason Why I Have Little Patience For Gun Control Advocates

The Number One Reason Why I Have Little Patience For  Gun Control Advocates
Over the years, I have been involved in more than my fair share of public debates about Gun Rights and Gun Control. Accordingly, the most frustrating aspect of it, in my opinion, is the other side's inability to accept the basic premise that bad guys do not and will not obey the law. Almost everyone agrees that bad guys should not have access to a firearm. However, the issues between our side and theirs have remarkably and starkly different views on how to solve the problem.
They - the anti gunners - believe that we need more "sensible" gun laws on the books to show bad guys that we really mean business - this time - on the criminal use of firearms. On the other side, we emphatically state that not only do we have an adequate, if not excessive, amount of legislation already on the books, but even if we did agree to even more laws, nothing positive will change - bad guys will still not obey the law and potentially more people will be defenseless against dangerous predators.
They usually try to characterize us as being stubborn and unwilling to compromise. And to be honest, we are - rightfully so. We have so many gun laws on the books, that law enforcement is not even doing a decent job at enforcing the laws we currently have on the books. For illustration, our very own government openly admits that it does not routinely follow up failed background checks conducted by licensed firearm dealers to prospective buyers.
Moreover, calls for another Clintonian-esqe "Assault Weapon Ban" which did not work the first time - according to our very own government - should not be given any further consideration either. Furthermore, many courts across this state and the country do not properly document persons with certain adjudicated mental conditions that deem them to be a credible threat to themselves and others. So, please do not be surprised when we - gun rights advocates - turn a deaf ear to even more worthless "feel good" legislation that will not make anyone an iota safer.
Personally, the part of the debate process that infuriates me the most is the misinformation and lies that the other side routinely tells to advance their agenda. They claim that there is a "Gun Show Loophole," that violent crime is less prevalent where strong gun control laws exists, that firearms can be bought over the Internet without a background check, that gun rights advocates support gun ownership for domestic abusers, and a whole host of other things that are simply just not true. An unwillingness on the behalf of gun control advocates to engage us in an honest debate stifles any opportunity to find real solutions to the problem we both agree that exists - criminal usage of violence, with or without a firearm.
The only thing that more gun control laws will effect is the creation of more victims. Bad guys do not submit to background checks and will not allow a failure to a mental health exam keep them from acquiring firearms to accomplish their heinous crimes. Pro-gun advocates have never claimed that supporting gun rights will solve all of our violent crime problems.
However, if they are honest, even anti gunners will most certainly agree that law-abiding citizens armed with firearms solves the "I am being reasonably and imminently about to suffer a violent and unprovoked attack" problem. In the meantime, while our "leaders" try to solve our shared "violence" problem, we self-defense advocates will continue to fight for our Constitutionally recognized right to keep and bear arms.

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