Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Anything Short of a Pathway to Constitutional Carry is a Step Backwards

Anything Short of a Pathway to Constitutional Carry is a Step Backwards
Much has been said over the last 24 hours about Senator Green's alleged gun rights bills which were approved by a subcommittee yesterday. Accordingly, quite a few people asked me for my take on the bills. So, I thought that I would take a moment to restate my position; it has not changed - I am still opposed to them.
So, why would a Gun Rights Advocate not support the bills? The answer is simple. These bills are a step back from what any self-respecting advocate should support. As a true advocate, I support all forms of carry and do not pick and choose which should be done. I am well aware that some of you only open carry and that some of you only conceal carry. I have heard all of the arguments from both camps why one mode of carry is superior to the other.
Like most things in life, it comes down to personal preference. My only concern is that one carries safely and responsibly. If that sole requirement is met, I could care less to hear interesting opinions about why one mode of carry is stupid and why the other is superior.
The ultimate aim of gun rights advocates should be to march towards Constitutional Carry - the legal right to carry arms openly or concealed without a permit from the government. Anything short of that is taking at least a step backwards. We will not make it to our destination by outlawing certain modes of the carrying arms to appease gun grabbers. That freedom hating lot will never be satisfied, as they only dream up new laws to disarm more law-abiding citizens and have yet to offer any credible solutions to disarming criminals and seriously troubled individuals.
Furthermore, I find it insulting to gun owners who do not blindly follow Green and one gun rights group - albeit it is the largest - by actually labelling us in a recent "248 Shooter" post to be extremists. To be completely honest, I will proudly wear the "virtual" badge of extremism if I am being labelled as a testament to my ardent and fervent support of the Second Amendment.
Tomorrow, the state of Maine joins the small but growing list of states who have Constitutional Carry. I hope that one day we join them. In the interim, you do not outlaw some facets of open carry to get there. One can not realistically expect to one day undo the damage later under more favorable circumstances. Given the details of Green's bills, I'd rather have no deal than what I perceive to be a bad deal. Thus, I find myself paradoxically on the same of this issue as gun grabbing trolls who do not wants guns in schools under circumstances. Hopefully, the Governor will continue to wilt under the pressure from the left and implode on these bills.

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