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Are Concealed Pistol License (CPL) Classes Available Through Groupon Worth The Investment?

Are Concealed Pistol License Classes (CPL) Available Through Groupon Worth The Investment?

A few days ago, I received several requests for a comment regarding a widely seen customer review on Facebook recently about a CPL Class conducted by another Firearms Instructor. So, I thought that I would at least share a couple of general thoughts.

In truth, I actually know the guy who was profiled by the customer. However, my thoughts will not be about the training he provides.

I have never attended any of his CPL classes or helped him teach his CPL Class. My thoughts are generalized about Groupon and how their offers are formulated.

Besides, in my old age I have long learned to keep my nose out of other people's business. My view is that I should only be concerned about what I am doing and let the chips in the marketplace fall where they may. I have seen many Firearms Instructors both come and go over the years. Credibility is what keeps you in business in this industry.

Over the years I have been contacted by the enterprising folks at Groupon to teach CPL Classes through their program. In each instance, I refused to participate. Sometimes, the bottom-line issue in business is money. Accordingly, it was the principal issue for me with Groupon.

If you "normally" advertise and provide a CPL Class for $150, you will be required to offer your class at half price - $75. Further, the collected funds - at $75 per person - will be then be split 50/50 between Groupon and the Firearms Instructor. So, the Firearm Instructor would "gross" only $37.50 per student.

From that meager amount, the promoter would need to budget funds to conduct the class: Meeting Space, Attorney, Supplies, and etc. In my personal opinion, I felt that I could not deliver a high level of value and service to my students by partnering with Groupon, despite their promises of profits through volume. I value safety and quality over everything else.

First and foremost, one of the most critical parts of the training is the legal module. In truth, after having an informed and credible attorneys teach the law in my classes over the last 10 years I feel that I could do a credible job. However, I do not do so because of liability and credibility. I want my students to get the best possible legal advice available anywhere. I refer a steady stream of folks, who did not take my class, to my legal ace Terry Johnson​. There were so many students getting in trouble at one point, I seriously entertained the idea of going to law school.

If a bargain basement price is your principal means of selecting a CPL Class, you deserve whatever trouble you might find yourself facing. A deficient education in Firearms Law will catch up to you one day - sooner or later. Trust me, I talk to these people regularly. Some of the cases are tragic.

For the record, I am not casting all CPL Classes on Groupon in a bad light. I simply have not attended any to give you a report on what is happening. I have no desire to do so. It is none of my business. There might actually be some folks out there who figured out a way to make it work financially, safely, and with quality. I have not.

As with all things, let the buyer beware and do not compare apple to oranges.

Do your homework, and you will make a wise decision.

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