Sunday, March 9, 2014

Local Detroit Critics of Guns Rights and Self-Defense Are Noticeably Silent

Local Critics of Guns Rights and Self-Defense Are Noticeably Silent 

In the aftermath of an unusual two weeks in Detroit, I can't help but to notice that the staunchest anti-gun advocates in our community are silent. You already know their names. There is no sense in naming them now. 

I presume that with their most stoic poker-faces, they realize how absurd and stupid they would look if they said something negative about the five brave local citizens who used their firearms to protect their lives, their homes, and their families.

It is apparent to even the most casual observer that the aforementioned citizens were in great peril. In fact, many of the bad guys who were neutralized or driven away from their planned invasions were given verbal warnings to not proceed further. Yet, they forced their way into those homes anyway.

We live in a day and age in which brazen predators have no qualms about entering an occupied residence. Any person crazy enough to attempt that feat is presumed by anyone with common sense and the state of Michigan statutes as being a credible threat of great bodily harm, rape, or death.

Responsibly used firearms save lives. Over the past couple of weeks, five gun owners and their families were protected. Furthermore, other people were protected because four of these bad guys are permanently no longer around to terrorize the local community. Nobody just decides on a whim to commit a home invasion. By the time these animals are stopped, they have already criminally violated several other people in the city.

Critics of gun rights and self-defense will remain silent until they hear of a criminal act done with a firearm before they muster up the courage to once again speak. These folks somehow equate the actions with criminals with the legally approved and morally justified act of self-defense.

The silence is noticeably deafening and I hope it continues for at least a while longer.

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