Tuesday, March 11, 2014

In Defense of Good Boys: Rapists, Robbers, and Jackers

In Defense of Good Boys: Rapists, Robbers, and Jackers

That young man and his buddy who just pulled a firearm out of a coat pocket and pointed it at your head do not deserve to be shot and possibly killed. 

After all, nobody really knows if he would really shoot if you refused to be a victim. I mean, come on, he didn't just shoot you first and then victimize you while you were laying dazed and confused on the pavement. 

Are you really afraid that this dude - too immature not to keep his pants pulled up - means business when he threatens you with rape, robbery, or death? I bet at least four of his family members can attest to his fine moral character. Peer pressure to commit violent acts is a lot greater when you were reared. You have no idea of what it is like to be young, dumb, and stupid these days.

Young people today are lost, misguided, and are in need of correction. We need to at least give them a fighting chance for a future by forcing their victims to turn their back on the clear and present danger posed by these confused souls. 

In a split second we are going to require victims to find the best and safest path to freedom. Their physical reaction to a threat will be analyzed in pain-staking detail to ensure that no attempt to vainly survive actually starts until the thugs have had sufficient time to reconsider the possible consequences of their actions. 

Moreover, we are going to shield the predator from his perilous transgressions by focusing on the behavior of the victim. If the victim clearly chose the wrong way to run or did not sufficiently run enough steps, the victim should be justly prosecuted for injuring this future pillar of the community. Rapists and jackers deserve every opportunity possible to turn his life around before he can be lawfully shot - even while he is trying to take your life or violate your body.

The bottom line is that four lives - home invaders and jackers - were sadly cut down over the last two weeks because their misunderstood acts of violence against lawful gun owners were met with force instead of hugs of compassion and empathy. Those poor souls were just "acting out" and wanted attention.

Not only should these guns owned by CPL-holders be strictly controlled but the laws governing their use must be so confined that it should be virtually impossible to lawfully use them for self-defense. This statement should in no shape or form be considered and interpreted as anti-gun or anti-Second Amendment because the Constitution clearly says that gun ownership is a right.

Jackers and rapists are people. They have families. They deserve a future. Shooting them because they unjustly put another's life in imminent danger is wrong. Do it for the misguided and lost children. What if that jacker or rapist was your child?

Repeal "Stand Your Ground." Too many thugs are dying and their victims don't care.

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