Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Chicago Citgo Gas Station Shooting: Some Practical Observations

Chicago Citgo Gas Station Shooting: Some Practical Observations

Like most of you, I have seen the video of the off-duty Chicago officer defending himself against three thugs at a gas station.

I have some general observations to share:

- Most shootings happen at 15 feet and closer.
- An attack can appear very quickly.
- More attacks occur after dark than during the day.
- Gas stations are a popular place for robberies.
- Bad guys sometimes work in packs.
- Victim's cold weather attire allowed him to quickly retrieve his firearm.
- Victim's gun was chambered and ready.
- Victim feigned compliance before defending himself.
- Victim turning his body (blading) shrunk his size in the range of fire.
- Compliance carries no guarantee of safety - Defend yourself.
- Victim was able to draw and shoot with only one hand.
- Assailant was 16 years of age.
- Predators fear armed citizens.
- Victim showed great restraint at not shooting fleeing bad guys.
- Always assume encounter is being recorded.

As a practical matter, you should:

- Always be aware of your environment.
- Know how to draw and shoot with only one hand.
- Practice "center of mass" shooting at the range at 15 feet.
- Always wear attire that allows you to quickly draw in any season.
- Blade your body or step off-line when readying for a defense.
- Always have a round chambered in your firearm.

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