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Should Holsters Be Used When Carrying A Loaded Firearm?

Should Holsters Be Used When Carrying A Loaded Firearm?

In Michigan, holsters are not legally required BUT I strongly suggest that everyone who carries a handgun does use one. I didn't think this post was necessary until I got a comment on one of my Facebook pages from a guy who said, "I don't use a holster and I've never once had a problem. I wear tight snug pants even hop fences at work and not once has it ever moved or budged."

Of course, I took the bait and asked WHY he does not use one. I didn't, as of then, get an acceptable response. I can't think of any legitimate reason why a person carrying a pistol would not use a holster. Who has $600 to buy a handgun and can't afford at least an "Uncle Mike" holster? For real?

Usually, a person without his firearms rights intact will carry without a holster to avoid suspicion when stopped by an officer. You see, an open line of questioning will occur - even after the gun is tossed in the bushes or atop someone's building - if he is wearing a holster.

The main purpose of a holster is to affix the firearm onto your body or to safely secure it in some other close location so that it can be accessed or drawn without pulling the trigger. A good holster covers the trigger. As such, the pistol will not discharge or "go off" until the trigger is intentionally pulled.

Not wearing a holster while armed is a disaster in waiting. If you are lucky, you won't hit anything. In this scenario, you could still face criminal charges. Moreover, if you are not so lucky you might shoot yourself and still face charges. Ask Plaxico, the clown at Home Depot, or the lady who not too long ago shoot herself in a Detroit casino. Yet still, you might even kill yourself or someone else.

It is a flimsy excuse to say that forgoing the holster is justified because you haven't shot yourself yet. Keep doing it, you might get your wish.

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