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2013 Annual Compilation of Anti-Gunner Lies and Illogic

2013 Annual Compilation of Anti-Gunner Lies and Illogic 

I recently noticed a link on my Facebook personal page that promised to load into my browser the biggest moments of 2013. Of course, a link that sounds that interesting could not be resisted. So, I perused the list of status updates from 2013 and noticed that some of them had to do with my gun rights advocacy.

During my trip down memory lane, I came across numerous examples of my status messages addressing what I felt were "Anti-Gunner Lies" and "Anti-Gunner Illogic." Check them out below and leave me a comment.

Anti-Gunner Illogic

- Guns are evil but if bad men appear we should call the police - people with guns.

- Banning heroin, cocaine, crack, and meth has been successful in the War on Drugs.

- Autos should have a fuel tank capacity of five gallons because nobody needs to drive that far.

- Free speech does not apply to the Internet because the Founding Fathers used quills and ink.

- Registering firearms belonging to good people protects the public against firearms illegally carried by criminals.

- A Gun-FREE Zone sign will stop armed criminals from entering the premises.

- We only trust our children with teachers who do not have guns. Teachers with guns are bad people.

- Homes with swimming pools have a higher risk of children drowning than homes that do not have swimming pools.

- It makes perfect sense for government officials - mayors, city council, and etc. - to have armed security details paid with public dollars while at the same time residents in some of those same jurisdictions can't legally carry arms. Government, it seems, is more important than the people they allegedly represent.

Anti-Gunner Lies

- We don't want your guns. We just want to know where they are located.

- Registering firearms is a great crime-fighting tool.

- LEFTs and buy-backs lower the violent crime rate.

- Banning heroin, cocaine, crack, and meth has been successful in the War on Drugs.

- Banning guns will lower the violent crime rate.

- Openly carrying a firearm will scare children.

- A semi-automatic firearm is a WMD that should only be used by our military.

What examples of Anti-gunner Lies and Illogic have you heard?

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