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A Criminal's Guide To Detroit Police Department Buy-Backs: Disposing of Illegally Possessed Guns For Fun and Profit

This upcoming Thursday, the Detroit Police Department (DPD) will be conducting another "Gun Buy-Back" event at the St. Cecilia Catholic Church in Detroit. DPD will be buying firearms from anonymous participants under a "no questions asked" policy. Non-working firearms will be swapped for $25, operable firearms will bring $50, and so-called "assault weapons" - whatever those are determined to be - will bring $100.

One obvious benefit of participating in this program is having a completely fool-proof means of disposing a firearm that you used to commit a crime. Instead of passing it off to another bad guy and worrying about whether he will later snitch on you, the DPD is willing to partner with you. They will get rid of it for you, not ask you any potentially embarrassing or incriminating questions, and eliminate the time and gas money of traveling across town to discreetly throw it into the Detroit River.

There may be quite a few criminals illegally possessing firearms who are a little apprehensive about "selling back" the implements of their violent crimes. This post will provide several suggestions for rapists, car-jackers, and home-invaders to keep in mind while participating in a gun buy-back to ensure a worry-free experience. Hopefully, if all goes well, you continue to use this service in the future. After all, if they can't catch you on the street with these illegally possessed firearms, they might as well provide you with incentives to enlist your participation in their televised dog-and-pony shows.

Tip #1: Show Up To The Buy-Back Early
There is a chance that you and the DPD may disagree as to the functionality of your firearm. If your firearm is deemed to be "inoperable" in their opinion, you will only be compensated with $25. This flies in the face of common sense, as most jackers know the average robbery victim has no clue about guns and will readily agree to even your most outrageous demands. Thusly, if you arrive early and fail to net the amount of money you need to get your daily bag of weed, you will still have time commit other crimes. In addition, another reason to arrive early is that it is unclear how much money DPD has at its disposal to buy guns. If you get to the event after they run out of cash, you will be given a voucher instead of your promised cash card. So, if you "snooze" you will still lose; you won't have the promised money or have access to your firearm to victimize somebody.

Tip #2: Firearms Should Be The Only Contraband In Your Possession
DPD has only stated that they are buying illegal firearms. As such, do not have a dime-bag of your favorite recreational drug in your possession when at the event. For example, if you smoke marijuana, make sure that you either leave it at home or smoke all of it on your way to the buy-back. Check your ashtrays too for spare trace amounts. It may seems a tad bit unfair, but rules are rules.

Tip #3: Ensure Your Firearms Are Unloaded
The Buy-Back specifically does not state that they are buying ammunition. As such, if you fail to unloaded the cartridges, they will most likely be seized without compensation. Moreover, you wouldn't want to run the risk of being accidentally shot with your own firearm. It would be erroneous and potentially hazardous to assume that all members of the DPD are safe handlers of loaded firearms.

Gun Buy-Backs are excellent events for violent criminals to patronize. Bad guys will be provided a safe haven to discreetly and anonymously dispose of their illegally possessed firearms. They will not have to worry about getting caught with the guns and being linked to any prior shootings and murders with actual physical evidence.

First time gun buy-back sellers will have a problem-free experience if they just obey a few common sense rules: Arrive Early, Ditch The Drugs, and Unload The Gun. Bad guys can sleep easy at night when the DPD conducts these events, as they are proof that the police is still grasping at straws to bring law and order to the streets of our city. As such, there will always be a perfect place to dispose of the evidence.

Good Luck!

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Ector is a recognized expert in firearm safety and has been featured extensively in the national and local media: Associated Press, NRAnews, Gun Digest, The Politics Daily, Fox News Detroit, The Detroit News, WJLB, WGPR and the UrbanShooterPodcast.

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