Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Michigan Handgun Open Carry Quiz

A buddy of mine is a ranking police officer in a local law enforcement agency. As part of his duties, he has to conduct training on a wide variety of topics, including firearms law.

Last week, my pal gave me a test he had previously written and had just administered throughout his agency. I thought it was a "fun" exam so I asked if I could post it on my blog; no need to create my own quiz, I thought. Now that he has recently received authorization from his superiors allowing me to distribute it, I am officially posting it.

So, take the exam and see how many you can get correct. Enter your answers as a comment. If in doubt as to the "intent" of a question, assume the posture and/or position of a Michigan local law enforcement agency.

  1. Open carry is a Constitutional right in Michigan.
    • A. True
    • B. False

  2. A person with a valid concealed carry permit can openly carry a weapon (i.e. handgun) in which of the following locations:
    • A. Financial institution
    • B. Theater
    • C. Day care center
    • D. Hospital
    • E. All of the above

  3. If a person is openly carrying a firearm walking down the street or sitting in a business you can approach him and demand ID based on the visible firearm.
    • A. True
    • B. False

  4. A person openly carrying a handgun on his hip in a holster is considered "brandishing" by law.
    • A. True
    • B. False

  5. People with a concealed carry permit can open carry in many of the restricted areas (i.e. pistol free zones).
    • A. True
    • B. False

  6. A security officer at a hospital is carrying his handgun in a duty holster exposed. He then puts on a winter jacket and conceals the handgun. He can legally do this in a hospital because he provides security services there as an employee.
    • A. True
    • B. False

  7. The manager of a restaurant calls and states that there are two people openly carrying handguns in holsters in the business. Upon your arrival the manager tells you he wants them identified and wants to know if they have permits to carry the guns.
    • A. You approach the men and ask for their IDs and their CPLs.
    • B. You advise the manager you can't do that as they are not breaking any laws.

  8. In the above situation you decide to approach the subjects and attempt consensual contact with them. You identify yourself and ask them to identify themselves. Both subjects state they are not doing anything wrong and want to be left alone and then refuse to speak further. You then:
    • A. Arrest them both for failing to ID themselves
    • B. Arrest them for carrying the weapons
    • C. Taunt them until they become disorderly
    • D. Disengage contact with them

  9. The manager of the business then states he does not want them in the business any longer. You tell the manager to advise the subjects:
    • A. That he doesn't like guns
    • B. That he doesn't like them
    • C. That they should leave now or they are trespassing and that he will have them arrested for same
    • D. That the kitchen is closed

  10. If the subjects state they are carrying guns legally and don't have to leave under trespassing laws you should agree with them and just walk away.
    • A. True
    • B. False

The answers will be revealed in another post. How well do you think you did on this test?


Whitelaw Wizard said...

I'm not sure about Michigan but I answered assuming that the laws are close to Wisconsin law. When will you post the answers. I'd really like to know how I did.

Thanks Rick!

detroitccw said...

Look for the answers tomorrow. ;-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah I like to now the answers too!