Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL) Quiz

A buddy of mine is a ranking police officer in a local law enforcement agency. As such, he is required to conduct training on a variety of topics, including firearms and CPL law.

The other day, he gave me a written test he had previously written and just administered throughout his agency. I thought it was a good exam so I asked if I could post it on my blog; no need to reinvent the wheel, I mused. He recently received authorization from his bosses to allow me to distribute it.

So, let's see how well you can score on this test. If in doubt as to the "intent" of a question, assume the posture and/or position of a Michigan local law enforcement agency.

  1. A Canadian police officer can legally carry a concealed handgun in Michigan with their police ID.
    • A. True
    • B. False

  2. No one with a concealed carry license can legally carry in pistol free zones.
    • A. True
    • B. False

  3. The lowest blood alcohol content a CPL-holder can have and still be in violation of the law is...

    • A. 0.10
    • B. 0.08
    • C. 0.02
    • D. None of the above

  4. A blood alcohol content of 0.02 for a subject carrying on a CPL is which of the following:

    • A. A felony
    • B. A Misdemeanor
    • C. A Civil Infraction
    • D. None of the above

  5. Which of the following CPL-holders can carry in a pistol free zone:

    • A. A police officer who retired in good standing
    • B. A retired judge
    • C. An on-duty security guard patrolling his employer's property
    • D. All of the above

  6. Any CPL-holder can carry at a college or university as long as he does not go into a:

    • A. Classroom
    • B. Dormitory
    • C. Dean's Office
    • D. Both Answers A & B

  7. When stopping a subject who is legally armed with a CPL, he must notify you that he is armed:

    • A. Sometime during the encounter
    • B. Only if he feels he should tell you
    • C. Shall immediately disclose that he is armed
    • D. Has no obligation under law to inform you he is armed

  8. A CPL-holder you suspect of drinking alcohol while carrying a concealed handgun MUST submit to a chemical test of your choosing or lose his license much the same as drinking and driving.

    • A. True
    • B. False

The answers will be revealed in another post. How well do you think you did on this test?


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