Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Michigan Open Carry Inc. Dinner Recap in Taylor Michigan - 12/27/2010

On December 27th, Michigan Open Carry Inc. sponsored a dinner at the Mykanos Greek Restaurant in Taylor, Michigan. When you consider the fact that the event was held two mere days after Christmas, the event was officially dubbed a success when 44 pistol- packing attendees showed up to eat.

One of the great things about event such as these, for me personally, is that I get to see some folks in the gun community that I don't see too often. I'm not going to name-drop, because there is always the chance of leaving somebody out of the list. But there is a great sense of comraderie that you only experience when you dine and fellowship with others who share the same vision as you.

I joked often on that night that it is really cool to hang out with "normal" people. Of course, we need to agree on a friendly definition as to what "normal" means. I open carry often but many "regular" folks in the general population do not for a variety of reasons: hate guns, ignorant of the law, apathy, and etc.

When my visible pistol is seen by some, I may get a few interesting reactions - nothing over the top but still interesting. At Open Carry dinners, I can show my hardware and know the everyone there understands why I open carry.

Michigan Open Carry Inc. is a gun rights advocacy organization that promotes the "open carry" of a firearm on your person. In Michigan, it is completely legal to display a registered pistol (in your name) in a holster without a special permit, as long as you do not venture into a state enumerated pistol-free zone.

One interesting feature of Michigan law is that persons with a Concealed Pistol License (CCW/CPL) can legally open carry in a pistol-free zone, as long the owner doesn't mind. The establishment where we dined didn't have a liquor license, so it was a non-issue for attendees who did not have a CPL.

The food was great - I love Greek food. The conversation was great. The event was a huge success. I look forward to next dinner that they promote.

If you can't view the included images, visit my blog: Legally Armed In Detroit.

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