Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Am Such A Tool

Why was I chosen to exist under these circumstances?
I am wholly incapable of doing anything by myself.
In fact, I am only capable of doing just a few things well.
I do the bidding of all who ask me for I am gullible.

Anything I do worthy of note requires the direction of someone else.
If the result of my work is good, I don't get any of the credit.
If the result of my work is bad, I manage to get all the blame.

Without knowing anything about me, some people fear and hate me.
The mere sight of me engenders intolerance and ignorance.
Many actually think they can rid my kind from existence.
My travels are officially restricted but the desperate clear the way.

Those who actually know me, trust in me and all that I can do.
For they know I can only do so much and don't expect much else.
They understand me and accept me, along with my limitations.
In short, they know how to handle me in all situations.

I am such a tool.

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