Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day 2009 Aftermath: The Under Appreciated Gift

Another Mother's Day has come and gone. Like most folks, on at least that day, I stop to reflect upon my personal values, quality of life, life-style, my childhood experiences, and how all of that was impacted and molded by my mom. My mom is "old-school," so I was brought up right. If I didn't behave and govern myself accordingly, I was "corrected" until I got it right. Today, when I rose and looked into the mirror I was pleased with the man I saw. I owe my mom big-time for that.

As a child, I didn't have or get everything that I wanted, but - more importantly - I had all that I needed: love, understanding, shelter, clothing, and food. As a child, you don't ever fully appreciate those things until you reach adulthood when you now have that responsibility to provide for your children.

Moreover, there something else that my mom provided to me and my three siblings that I only recently discovered - at least since I have been teaching Concealed Pistol License (CPL/CCW) Classes. My mom also provided us with safety. Yes, during our entire childhood there was a handgun in the house "just in case" a threat presented itself to us. We never saw the firearm or even knew that it existed. My mom is not a gun safety expert, but she was exceedingly responsible with owning it.

By the grace of God, no one ever tried to committ a home invasion upon our residence - one with a single parent raising four kids. However, if a danger had materialized, there is no doubt - in my mind - that the threat would have been eliminated. My mom gave us the unknown and under-appreciated gift of safety in our home. Today, as a firearms instructor, I am even more immensely impressed by my mom.

During this aftermath of yet another glorious Mother's Day that I have been blessed to witness, I ask of all the mothers who read this post to consider if they are ready, willing, and able to bestow upon their children an often unknown and unheralded benefit - the gift of safety.

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