Sunday, May 10, 2009

Join Our Affiliate Program And Earn Cash For Every Referral!

We are pleased to announce that we have created an affiliate program for our Concealed Pistol License Training Class. In a nutshell, for every person who registers for our class through your affiliate link you will be a paid an immediate $25 commission via PayPal™

Program Details:
Joining our affiliate program is very easy. It'll only take you a few moments to qualify and to immediately be enabled to earn some fast cash. Most people already meet most of our affiliate program's requirements: a PayPal™ and a Facebook™ account.

First, you will need to join PayPal™. This service enables our company to make cash payments to you via the Internet. Our affiliate program will only make commission payments by PayPal™. If you do not have a PayPal™ account, go to their web site and sign up now.

Next, you will need a Facebook™ account. Facebook™ is a free social networking site where you connect with and communicate with friends, family, and associates over the Internet. Of course, when join the site you will need to "add" people to your friends list. Once you have a friends list, you can notify them of our CCW Classes through a special link that you will publish as a status update on your profile. If you don't already have a Facebook™ account, sign up now.

Further, once you have registered with Facebook™ you must then join our Rick's Firearm Academy of Detroit Fan Page on the Facebook™ site. Visit our company fan page and click the link to join us. It is important that you join this page because we need to ensure that we have a reliable means of passing on important info about this affiliate program.

Finally, all you now need to do is to access our Events Page information at EventBee™ to participate in our paid commission program. When you visit EventBee™ you will need to sign in by either using your Facebook logon info via their FBConnect Feature () or to manually create a free account.

Once you are set up with an account at EventBee™ you should then visit our CCW Class Schedule for the entire year. Select a class that you wish to promote on your Facebook profile. When that page loads, there is a section on the right-hand side of the page that has a links entitled "Participate" and "Learn More."

Once you make the decision to "participate" by promoting our class, you will be presented with three options: Publish A Feed to Facebook™, Invite Facebook™ Friends to Event, and Invite Friends By Email. Further, if you have a web site or a blog, you will be given a special link to promote our classes.

The easiest way to promote our classes would be the "Publish A Feed to Facebook™" option. If you select this promotion option, a dialog box will present itself and give you an opportunity to place our ad on your Facebook™ profile.

Press the "Publish" button and our event will be posted on your Facebook™ profile.

Payment Details
You will be paid your $25 commission automatically by EventBee™ to your PayPal™ account when someone registers for our class through your link.

You are authorized to use your own link to take our class at a discount. This is our way of thanking you for supporting us.

If you have a lot of friends in your network, this is a good way to passively earn some money.

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