Monday, October 6, 2008

Michigan Concealed Pistol License: 7 Reasons To Get One

A Michigan Concealed Pistol License (CPL) enables a licensed person to carry a loaded pistol on or about his person or vehicle anywhere he has a legal right to be, with the exception of statutorily defined Pistol Free Zones. With a CPL, a licensee can receive many benefits. This article will enumerate seven such benefits.

1. Personal Protection
The first justification for obtaining a CPL is that the licensee will achieve the piece of mind that comes with having a viable option should he be presented with unprovoked violence from an assailant.

Despite what many people "think" about "what should be" in our society, "the reality" is that no citizen has a "right" to not be a crime victim. The courts have consistently ruled over the years, that the law enforcement community can not be held civilly or criminally liable for preventing any single person from being a crime victim.

The job of the police is to uphold the general peace and to investigate crimes - after the fact. Thus, during these perilous times, it would be prudent for law abiding citizens, who desire to be safe and secure in their persons, to exercise more responsibility for not only their own personal safety but also for the safety of their loved ones.

2. Handgun Buying Process Is Simpler
A CPL licensee is not required to obtain a 10-Day Handgun Purchase Permit before buying a handgun in Michigan. The buyer, with a CPL, merely has to present his license to a seller. The CPL serves as proper notice that the buyer is eligible to buy a handgun. Of course, normal paperwork, reporting requirements, and a safety inspection will still have to be performed. Without a CPL, it can be rather burdensome for a person, who desires to buy a handgun, to visit his local law enforcement authority for a purchase permit every time he wishes to buy a handgun.

3. Borrowing A Handgun Is Simpler
A CPL licensee is not required to register a handgun that he wishes to borrow for a lawful task. Under current Michigan law, non-CPL licensees have to register a handgun that they wish to borrow from the current owner. Then when the "borrower" is done with the gun, the "owner" then has to re-register the gun back into his own name. A CPL reduces a lot of bureaucratic laws.

4. Additional State-Issued Picture Identification
A CPL licensee will, by virtue of his licensure, have another form of state-issued picture identification to have available for his use. Of course not all licensees would want to voluntarily divulge "their status" under the CPL statute, however, if they made the decision to use it to assist with their identification to a third party, it could facilitate a specific purpose.

5. Safer Vacations
Michigan CPL licensees enjoy concealed carry priviledges in 35 other states. CPL licensees, however, still have the responsibility of ensuring that the states they will both be traveling to and traveling through have reciprocity with Michigan. In addition, home rules apply. Thus, Michigan CPL licensees will have to do their research to know how concealed carry laws in reciprocal states differ from Michigan.

6. Enhanced Employment Benefits
Some jobs and careers pay CPL licensees significantly better benefits - wages - for being licensed. For example, armed security guards typically earn more money than those without a firearm. Furthermore, a CPL may enable a licensee an opportunity for employment in a variety of high paying fields: private investigations, executive protection, armed courier, and bail enforcement.

7. Community Service
The sad state of affairs and poor health of both our regional and local economies are forcing many communities to drastically cut their operating budgets. As such, many cities are relying more upon their reserve/auxillary officers to perform many important tasks. With a CPL, a licensee can have an opportunity to serve the welfare of his community by applying for and accepting a position as a volunteer law enforcement officer.

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