Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Michigan Basic Pistol Safety Training Class: 5 Reasons Not To Enroll

The completion of a Basic Pistol Safety Training Class (BPSTC) is a Michigan statutory requirement before an applicant can apply for and receive a Concealed Pistol License (CPL). A CPL permits the named licensee the priviledge of carrying a concealed pistol on or about his person. Many people can readily enumerate the benefits of having a CPL. However, there are five types of people who may elect not bother with taking a BPSTC.

1. Statutorily Disqualified CPL Applicants
A person who fails to meet the requirements of a CPL may elect to not take the class. This is especially the case, if the desired result is to apply for a Michigan Concealed Pistol License. In fact, some disqualified persons are not even allowed to come into possession of a firearm, which is a requirement of a bona fide BPSTC.

2. Persons Lacking Emotional Maturity
A person who knows that his temperment is uncontrollable should not take a BPSTC. Owning, carrying, and possessing a gun entails a huge amount of responsibility. One wrong decision made in the "heat of the moment" can lead to disastrous circumstances including but not limited to the following: criminal charges, civil lawsuits, huge legal bills, psychological costs, and a lifetime of regrets. If you are the type of person, who would instigate and escalate a "road rage" event, you should neither obtain a gun nor take a BPSTC.

3. Persons Who Are Pacifists
A person who is incapable or unwilling to defend himself or his family members from a violent and unprovoked attack under any circumstances, should not bother with enrolling in a BPSTC. There is nothing wrong with being a "true pacifist" who could only harm someone by mistake. If this world was perfect everyone would demonstrate those qualities. However, a gun wielded by a person not willing to use it in self-defense against a predator would only create more problems: getting his gun taken, getting shot by his own gun, and putting another gun in the hands of criminals.

4. Persons Living In Paradise
A person who feels that he lives in a safe area may not desire to take a BPSTC. After all, in his mind, there are no credible threats to himself or to his family. There was a time not too long when I thought there were "safe" areas to live. However, with all the murder and mayhen being done daily - both in the city and in the suburbs - I would question this position. One of my favorite quotes warns, "He who goes unarmed in Paradise should first be sure that is where he is."

5. Persons Not Knowing A Credible Firearms Instructor
Selecting a firearms training service to conduct your BPSTC should not be taken lightly. The consequences of selecting the wrong provider could be severe: a felony charge of knowingly submitting a bogus certificate to a gun board, not knowing how ammunition selection can affect the safety of innocent persons, not knowing how to shoot a gun, and not knowing the lethal force and self-defense laws of Michigan. However, if you do your research earnestly you should be able to find a firearms trainer who won't short-change your education.

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