Friday, March 13, 2020

Rick Ector - FREE Shooting Event for Women Update - March 13, 2020 - Maj...

On Sunday, May 17th of 2020, I will train 1,000 women how to safely load and shoot a 9mm pistol at a local gun range - in one day!

I need your help to accomplish this goal!

Specifically, I am enlisting the help of fellow Firearm Instructors and Range Safety Officers (RSOs) to join me!

I currently have 75 firearm instructors on board to work the event. I still need more. If you are a firearm instructor who wishes to join us, join this group on Facebook:

Announcement: Erich Pratt from the GOA will be in attendance!

Announcement: Maj Toure from BGM will be in attendance!

I need your financial support! We need help acquiring additinal supplies for the event. We needs cleaning supplies, disinfectant supplies, safety glasses, ear plugs, and shooting muffs.

We created a page over at GoFundMe! Please make a contribution over there now:

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