Friday, January 31, 2020

Lets Stand United Rally - January 30 2020 - Top Gun Shooting Sports Rally

This video features pictures taken from the "Lets Stand United" gun rights rally that was held on Thursday, January 30th at the Top Gun Shooting Sports Range in Taylor, Michigan.

Several local and prominent speakers spoke to the crowd on issues g germane to gun owners. Attorney Terry Johnson spoke on the evil that would be spawned by Red Flag Laws. Local gun rights advocate Rick Ector of "Legally Armed In Detroit" spoke about his need for women to be trained with firearms. Attorney Dean Greenblatt spoke about firearm bills being considered by the legislature in Lansing.

A news crew from Detroit Fox 2 was present at the rally and filmed interviews with attendees. As of the publishing of this video, I have not seen any coverage of the event on TV or on the Internet. If the event is never published, it won't diminish what happened on this day.

After watching this video, I invite you to watch Rick Ector's speech on the need to provide women with firearm training. It can be watched at this link:

Women who interested in learning more about this program should go over to the event page on Facebook:

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