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Women's FREE Shooting Event FAQ - Sunday, May 19, 2019

Women's FREE Shooting Event FAQ - Sunday, May 19, 2019


I went last year, can I come this year?

Yes, Rick wants you to come every time we hold this event.

8th Annual Shooting Event For Women


Where are the registration links?

They will be published on this upcoming Sunday. I don't want any no-shows. Don't worry. My goal is 900 women trained. You will make the cut!

8th Annual Shooting Event For Women


I am a man. What can I do to help?

Post this event on your Facebook page and tell every woman you know about this event.

8th Annual Shooting Event For Women


I already know how to shoot! Can I come?

Yes, I want you to come! While you at it, bring some friends and family members with you. Be their gateway!

8th Annual Shooting Event For Women


Do you need help with your event or are you all set with instructors?

There is no such thing as too many instructors. I assume that you are credentialed and have experience with no unsafe habits. We'll confirm at the event.

Go here:

Thank you.


Why do you do this event?

Eight years ago, I saw a news report about a woman's naked body being discovered in a field. I felt that "somebody" should do something. My contribution is introducing women to firearms and shooting a firearm safely under the supervision of a qualified firearm instructor.

8th Annual Shooting Event For Women


What do I need to bring to the event?

You should bring your e-ticket from an email message that was sent to you via email when you registered online. You do not need to print it. Simply show it on your cell phone at the event. Also, you should bring an open mind, a desire to learn, and a positive attitude.

8th Annual Shooting Event For Women


Do I need to bring my own gun?

No. A firearm, ammunition, target, safety briefing, and one-on-one instruction will be provided free of charge. If you already own a pistol, you are invited to bring it for your use. However, if it is not 9mm in caliber, you will need to also bring your own ammunition. Please be sure to follow all firearm transportation laws. Gun laws are numerous and carry harsh penalties for non-compliance.

8th Annual Shooting Event For Women


Are there any age limits for participation?

No one younger than 12 years of age will be allowed to shoot at this event. These younger students will only be allowed to shoot with his/her parent giving approval and being physically present. Youth shooters may be required to shoot calibers smaller than 9mm. Alternatively, there is no formal upper age limit. The supervising instructor will make a call to disallow participation if safety is a valid concern. For the record, we have had shooters as old as 86 safely participate in this event in prior years.

8th Annual Shooting Event For Women

FAQ 10

Would you accept a donation of 9mm ammo that I personally reloaded, as a hobbyist?

Whereas we appreciate the sentiment, we can't accept non-factory reloaded ammo for this project. If you would like to make a donation of factory produced OEM or factory reloaded ammo for this project, it will be warmly and graciously received.

8th Annual Shooting Event For Women

FAQ 11

Is there a formal dress code to participate in this event?

Whereas there is no formal or strict dress code for participants, we ask that you consider that hot brass casings may cause you discomfort if they come into direct contact with your skin. Thus, I suggest that you refrain from "summer" attire that exposes your skin or has plunging necklines. At worse, hot casings may not escape your notice, direct contact with your skin will not cause you to experience a serious injury if you obey basic safety rules that you will be taught.

8th Annual Shooting Event For Women

FAQ 12

Why can't men attend this free firearm training program?

I designed this program for women based on a concern that I saw for their safety, that in my opinion exceeds that of men. If someone wants to put together a program like this for men, I'd be willing to give free advice as to how best to proceed but I do not have current plans to pursue that endeavor.

8th Annual Shooting Event For Women

FAQ 13

When and where will this FREE firearm training event for women be held?

The event will be held on Sunday, May 19th at the Top Gun Shooting Range, 22050 Pennsylvania, Taylor, MI 48180.

During registration, which opens on this upcoming Sunday, May 12th at 8am, visitors will choose one of several program sessions that will be offered throughout the day.

Each window bloc will be about two hours in length. Participants will receive a range safety briefing and then shoot one-on-one with an instructor in the shooting stall.

The registration links will be published at the following location:

FAQ 14

I love this program! How can I support it?

If you are an instructor, you can teach women at the event how to shoot a 9mm semi-auto safely and accurately. Join this page:

If you are a RSO, you can supervise the range and ensure that all rules are being followed. Join this page:

If you know women who are interested in learning how to safely shoot a 9mm semi-auto, at no cost, invite them to this page:

If you would like to donate 9mm FMJ ammo, contact me via inbox or at 313.733.7404. I will coordinate the delivery.

If you would like to donate finances to support the event, PayPal your donation to email address:

Thank you, in advance, for any and all support!

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