Thursday, October 11, 2018

Rick Ector Debates Proposed Wayne County "Bullet Tax"

Rick Ector Debates Proposed Wayne County "Bullet Tax"

On Saturday, October 6th of 2018, I was invited to be a guest on Minister Malik Shabazz's radio show (Get Up - Stand Up) on the 910AM radio station. Other guests on the show were Wayne County Commissioner Reggie "Reg" Davis and Robert Robinson from "It Takes A Village Ya'll."
The show was about sweeping gun control measures that Commissioner Davis has been proposing all over the local media to address so-called "Gun Violence." The main focus of his proposal is to tax ammunition and to require Wayne County residents to only be able to buy ammunition from law enforcement agencies, such as the police.
The police would collect these taxes and forward them to the county to promote and sponsor firearm safety training.
The debate was cordial until Commissioner Davis started acting childish by repeatedly cutting me off and calling me names. I refused to allow him to cut me off and returned to him the lack of respect that I was shown. The debate was testy at times but some good info was shared on the show.
I managed to field several calls from listeners and helped to educate the public.
The entire show was two hours long and is spread across four episodes. This film clip is the first segment. Please be sure to watch all four.

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