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Rick Ector: How To Appease Enemies of Gun Rights

Rick Ector: How To Appease Enemies of Gun Rights

Who is responsible for your safety? I can confidently tell you that it is not the government's job. The Supreme Court has made that clear. The government can arrive to the scene of a crime, while a violent crime is happening or is about to happen, and listen to you plead for your life and then die. It is not their fault that you died before somebody decided to act on your behalf.
Your safety is your job regardless of whether you are willing to do the job. Some people choose not to accept that responsibility. They will rely on someone else to do that job, if they get there in time and they choose to act. This path is traveled by those who see themselves as too civilized to fight for their lives. Let someone else do that job, if possible, or just die.
Some people accept the responsibility of defending themselves and their families. However, since they respect the rights of people who would rather die than own a gun, they must listen for the constant calls for their disarmament. The folks who hate guns want others to be just like them and wait for someone - not there - to get there and save everybody when you are quire willing and able to save yourself.
How selfish is one to demand that since their own life is not worth defending that your life must also be expendable because of their beliefs? As a gun owner, I agree with your right not to own a gun. I agree with your right not to defend your own life. I agree with your right to wait for the police who may not get there or who may get there in time but then decide to listen to die while while you are being killed. Selfish is definitely the word. Since your life is not worth defending then neither is the life of anyone else worth defending.
If this state of affairs seems bad enough, they now want the ability to take away any person's gun in a secret meeting without that person being present. They want to deny any person of their right to due process - the ability to face one's accusers and the evidence before a sentence is given. An accused person must now prove that he is innocent after he has already started serving his punishment.
Red Flag Laws are the death of due process. You must now prove that you are innocent after you have already been deprived of your rights and your property and after you have already started serving out your sentence. What country is this?
Enemies of freedom will not be satisfied until you are literally in chains.
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