Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Rick Ector Gives Feedback on Newly Released Philando Castile Traffic Stop Video #Fox2News

Rick Ector Gives Feedback on Newly Released Philando Castile Traffic Stop Video #Fox2News

I was on Fox 2 News Detroit to discuss the Philando Castile shooting. If you are ever stopped by the police: assemble your ID, Proof of Insurance, Registration, and Carry Permit before the officer gets to the vehicle. If the meeting happens during a time of the day when it is dark, turn on your vehicle's internal light.
Have your hands on the wheel along with your documentation and declare your status as a permit holder. Verbally inform officer that you have a carry permit and keep your hands on the wheel. I am not debating, at this time, what happened on that fateful night. I am giving you info that may keep the officer from getting frightened and shooting you.

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