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Michigan Firearm FAQ: Carrying AR-15s Into Strip Clubs

Ask The Michigan Firearm Instructor

Q: Is it really legal to walk into a place of business, even a strip club, with an AR-15 as long as it's visible?

A: Presumably, you are asking this question in the aftermath of a story that "broke" via TMZ in which it was reported that entertainer "Ray-J" was escorted into a Detroit strip club by a man wielding an AR-15 Rifle.

MCL 750.234d defines several premises upon which the possession of a firearm is unlawful. Among the prohibited locations is listed an

"an establishment licensed under the Michigan Liquor Control Act, Act No. 8 of the Public Acts of the Extra Session of 1933, being sections 436.1 to 436.58 of the Michigan Compiled Laws."

However, there are several exemptions specified in the law that could allow a person to openly display a firearm upon the property - including a strip club. For example, possession of a rifle or other firearm would be lawful if it was done with permission of the owner or an agent of the owner.

Accordingly, if Ray-J's booking agent made the possession of an AR-15 a condition of his appearance at that strip club, then it would be legal as the owner or an agent of his gave permission for Ray-J to do so.

Furthermore, it is implied that all other firearm laws on the books in Michigan would be obeyed: a CPL needed for concealed carry, gun carrier must have no firearm rights disabilities, not violate alcohol consumption limits, and etc.

Personally, if I felt the need to carry a rifle to make a booked engagement, I would think long and hard before I would agree to do so. The best protection strategy is avoidance of known dangers.

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