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Paradox: Pragmatism Protects Predators

Paradox: Pragmatism Protects Predators
I am a Personal Protection Trainer. I teach people how to exercise a more active role in their safety. Predictably, my students are taught how to safely handle, carry, load, and discharge a pistol so that if they are ever imperiled they have options.
In addition, they are also taught the law so that by defending themselves they will be less likely to be civilly sued, be sent to prison, or both. What's the point of carrying a firearm to protect yourself if you are going to spend a decade or two in the Big House? Exactly. There is no point. Carrying a gun should make you safer than not carrying one.
However, more than anything else students are going to learn how to make good decisions. A good part of that decision making is not engaging in any activities that puts them at risk for being attacked. Avoidance is truly the best policy. So, if a person really wants to be as safe as possible he will not go to a gas station in Detroit - or any other city - after dark. I have said it for years and just today our police chief made that suggestion in the paper.
It is not fear that keeps well schooled lawful firearm carriers from dangerous venues. Rather it is simple pragmaticism. The best defense is not putting yourself in harm's way in the first place. Yes, it is tragically sad that a person desiring to do a legal activity at a legal place at a legal time "can't" do so because it is not wise. In a discussion online today a friend and I were discussing this very topic.
The consequences of shooting someone, even if justified, are serious enough that avoiding that legal scrutiny is certainly a preferable option, if possible.
The paradox is that the true practitioners of Personal Protection will by their very absence at various city hot spots will make not only themselves safer but will also make predators safer. And no, I am not calling on CPL-holders to be posted up in bad areas to make our city safer.
Rather, I am merely highlighting that training in awareness and behavior modification is every bit as important as safe firearm operation and knowing the law.
The best form of Personal Protection is the defense you do not have to mount because you made good decisions. True story.

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