Monday, January 6, 2014

Does The Detroit Police Department Have The Right To Tell You Not To Defend Yourself?

Does The Detroit Police Department Have The Right To Tell You Not To Defend Yourself?

Less than a week after Detroit Police Department (DPD) Chief James Craig publicly stated that CPL-holders can reduce violent crime, another DPD officer - Sgt. Vernal Newsom of the Auto Theft Squad - suggested today that victims should not resist their attackers.

In a Fox2 Detroit news story that broke today, a man was violently assaulted at a Detroit gas station. The victim was struck several times and at one time was literally picked up and slammed into the pavement. The incident was videotaped by the cameras operating at the venue.

Newsom narrated the video on the news story and stated that victim probably made things worse for himself by resisting the attackers. The faces of the bad guys were clearly captured on video and as such it would only be a matter of time before they are captured. Thus, no citizens should risk his life by defending himself. He should have merely given up the keys and remained safe.

I have a different take on the incident. No one - including the Detroit Police Department - has the right to tell YOU whether or not if YOU should fight back when attacked by a predator. It is YOUR life. It is YOUR decision. YOU will have to live with the consequences - not the jackass asking YOU to leave YOUR safety up to the whims of bad guys. 

There is no gentleman's agreement in the streets that YOU will not be harmed if you get carjacked and do not fight back. Of course, I advocate lawful armed defense with a legally carried firearm. Furthermore, there is no guarantee that the police will indeed capture the videotaped suspects.

Newsom's comments were insulting and demeaning. He engaged in the worse form of post-attack criticism. He had the unmitigated gall to blame the victim for the attack.

If you make the decision to NOT fight back, that is YOUR right. However, do NOT make that decision because the police department said so. Be mindful, though, that you may very well be severely harmed anyway. Newsome, casually forgot to tell you that during the report.

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