Saturday, February 2, 2013

Mainstream Media Ignores Detroit Defensive Use Stories

While our country mulls whether additional gun control laws should be enacted to protect our children at school in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting in CT, it appears that just about every crime in the nation involving a handgun is getting national media coverage. Imagine how odd it must seem to the people of Detroit, who last night were informed that three armed robbers were shot by people with Concealed Pistol Licenses, that nobody in the national media is talking about it.

For example mere days ago, the national media covered the senseless murder of a Chicago teen - Hadiya Pendleton - who was reportedly cut down by gangbangers from a nearby street corner. Her tragic death, just days after her performance at the President's inauguration, became the latest justification and outcry for tougher gun laws. Never mind that the city of Chicago has some of the toughest gun laws in the nation currently on the books, her murder was still going to exploited for political gain. The dirty little secret about gun laws is that criminals don't obey them. It is illegal for anyone to carry a firearm in the city of Chicago. In fact, more than 500 people were murdered in the "Windy City" in 2012.

One of the biggest differences between Chicago and Detroit, from a community safety perspective, is that law-abiding citizens can legally carry firearms for personal protection. As such, last night here in Detroit there were two different incidents in which persons with state issued Concealed Pistol Licenses shot armed robbers.

In the first incident, a 70 year-old high school coach escorted two students to their cars in the parking lot when two armed men launched an attack. The coach shot both men and protected himself and the two teens. Additionally, in the second incident another man was attacked at a bus stop. In that incident, the CPL-holder shot the bag guy and escaped harm. In one night, three bad guys were shot, of which two died and one was hospitalized. The biggest outcome was that four lives were spared and all were unharmed from injury.

Law-abiding citizens using guns to save lives doesn't fit the current national narrative that more gun laws are needed to stop criminals. So, do not expect to see the two aforementioned defensive gun use stories in the national media. The truth is that guns allow law-abiding citizens to protect themselves, which is not helping the cause of the would-be gun banners.

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