Sunday, January 29, 2012

Personal Protection Tip: Stay Out Of Pistol-FREE Zones

Personal Protection Tip: Whenever feasibly possible avoid going to Pistol-FREE Zones (PFZs). PFZs are places where federal law, state law, or the private property owners have legally declared that all firearms are not allowed on the specified premises.

The reasoning behind this policy is based upon on the erroneous belief that everybody will comply. However, as time has repeatedly shown criminals and the mentally ill do not obey the law or follow rules. Thus, the only people carrying firearms in PFZs are bad actors.

As such, PFZs create a target rich environment for predators seeking to prey upon on unarmed law-abiding citizens. As a matter of public safety, stay out of PFZs whenever possible.

About The Author
Rick Ector is a National Rifle Association credentialed Firearms Trainer, who provides Michigan CCW Class training in Detroit for students at his firearms school - Rick's Firearm Academy of Detroit.

Ector is a recognized expert in firearm safety and has been featured extensively in the national and local media: Associated Press, NRAnews, Gun Digest, The Politics Daily, Fox News Detroit, The Detroit News, WJLB, WGPR and the UrbanShooterPodcast.

For more info about Detroit Michigan CPL Classes, please contact:

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