Friday, May 13, 2011

Repost: Announcement: Detroit Police Acknowledge Open Carry At This Year's "Country Hoe Down"

I have recently received word from Scott Webb, President of Michigan Open Carry Inc., that the Detroit Police Department has reportedly communicated that there is no firearms ban in effect at this year's "Country Hoe Down" in downtown Detroit at Hart Plaza. Accordingly, persons desiring to open carry at the aforementioned event should expect that Detroit police officers will not hassle or unlawfully detain them while exercising their right to bear arms.

Webb informed me that the news of open carry "being allowed" at the "Country Hoe Down" was communicated by Detroit Police Deputy Chief Tolbert. If there are any issues regarding Detroit police officers impeding the rights of persons while open carrying, they are asked to contact Michigan Open Carry Inc. directly at phone number (586) 913-1662. Reportedly, DC Tolbert will be on-location during the festival and will be available to receive communications from Michigan Open Carry Inc. if needed.

The Detroit "Country Hoe Down" is the largest free country music festival in the world and takes place every year at Hart Plaza. This year's festival will be held this weekend - May 13th throught May 15th. Featured acts - this year - include the following: Alan Turner & the Steel Horse Band, Josh Gracin, and Billy Craig.

Open carry (OC) is the act of displaying a handgun in a completely visible holster. OC is legal in 44 states in the US, including Michigan. Michigan is currently one of the fastest growing states in terms of OC popularity. As such, the practice will continue to grow both state-wide and in the city of Detroit.

Despite many inaccurate statements made in the media, OC is not legal in Michigan because a new law authorized it. OC is legal in Michigan because it has never been made illegal.

A person, who has his firearms ownership rights intact, can OC if he is at least 18 years of age, has the firearm registered in his name, is on foot, and does not enter a pistol-free zone without permission.

If you have a desire to acquire a CPL, I invite you to visit my web site - Rick's Firearm Academy of Detroit - and to register for my state of Michigan compliant Basic Pistol Safety Training Class.

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