Friday, November 26, 2010

Detroit Michigan CCW Class Instructor Warns Shoppers About Holiday Crime


Detroit, MI - November 26, 2010 -- Detroit, Michigan CCW Class Instructor is advising shoppers to exercise caution while shopping during this current holiday shopping season.

The official start of the holiday shopping season begins in earnest on Black Friday - the day after Thanksgiving. Throngs of eager shoppers will be visiting local stores and shopping malls in search of Christmas gifts for loved ones.

One unintended consequence of the holiday shopping season is an increased likelihood of crime. Many people, in some cases, will be carrying large sums of cash and will be over-burdened with packages. As such, these shoppers will become targeted by robbers.

Shoppers can decrease their risk of being robbed by following some common-sense advice. Rick Ector, a Personal Protection Instructor, is urging shoppers to avoid late-night shopping, to not carry large sums of cash, and to utilize situational awareness to avoid placing them into harm's way.

Situational awareness, as taught in Ector's Detroit Michigan CCW Class, requires the shopper to continually poll his environment for potential scenarios which could develop into a threat. A person, in some cases, can avoid potentially dangerous situations simply by being actively aware of their environment and quickly removing themselves from it, if necessary.

Rick Ector is a National Rifle Association credentialed Firearms Trainer, who provides Michigan CCW Class training in Detroit for students at his firearms school - Rick's Firearm Academy of Detroit. Ector is a recognized expert in firearm safety and has been featured extensively in the national and local media: Associated Press, NRAnews, Fox News Detroit, The Detroit News, WJLB, WGPR and the UrbanShooterPodcast.

For more info about avoiding holiday crime and Detroit Michigan CCW Classes, please contact:

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