Friday, October 29, 2010

Every Michigan Firearms Owner Should Read The Latest MSP Update

Every two months the Executive Division of the Michigan State Police publishes its "Legal Update" bulletin. The purpose of this document is to keep law enforcement officers in the field throughout the state updated on various aspects of the law which changed recently or has been misunderstood. In my opinion, their latest issue - No. 86 - which was published on October 10th of this year has information in it that is valuable to every firearms owner in the state.

Some of the issues addressed in this edition includes but is not limited to the following:

- The Legality Of Open Carry In Michigan
- Michigan Pistol FREE Zones
- MI CPL Holder Exemption to Pistol FREE Zones
- Whether A CPL is Needed to Open Carry
- What Constitutes Firearm Brandishing
- How To Properly Transport A Firearm
- How To Register A Pistol In MI

The update is only three pages long but is packed with valuable info on MI Firearms Law along with the MCL References. In my opinion, it should be read by all persons who carry a firearm in our state.


Anonymous said...

I travel to MI, seeing the wife is from the UP. This is good info to know -- thanks.

I do,however, wish the pro-gun groups in the state would work on riding of two of the provisions in the law. That being the registration,and the requirment for me to immediatly notifiy the police I am armed if stopped by them during a traffic stop.

Again,thanks for sharing.

detroitccw said...

Thanks for the positive feedback. It is greatly appreciated.