Saturday, June 5, 2010

Boycott The Detroit IHOP - Crime Empowerment Zone

The Detroit IHOP restaurant on Jefferson Avenue continues to operate as a "Pistol-FREE" establishment. Their position flies in the face of reason and their franchisee agreement with IHOP Corporate Headquarters. As a matter of public safety, I am calling for a boycott of this restaurant.

Justification For The Boycott
Although it is their right to operate their business as they deem necessary, it is also our right to not patronize it. Apparently, the operators of this establishment believe that the mere posting of a sign will make their customers and their employees safe. They are sorely mistaken.

The concept that is most difficult for anti-gun people to grasp is the fact that criminals, by definition, do not obey the law. Accordingly, criminals will not respect the wishes of that establishment's gun ban. Further, this misguided policy will keep law-abiding gun owners from dining there. The end result is that both customers and employees will be less safe when dining there.

Of course, the management of this establishment is aware of the futility of their gun ban as evidenced by the fact that they "pat down" customers after dark and search their belongings. So, if a jacker wanted an easy target to prey upon all he has to do is wait for unarmed visitors to leave and attack them in the parking lot.

Many people will float the idea that a boycott of this IHOP is a meaningless task and should not be advocated. After all, law-abiding gun owners can simply elect to eat elsewhere. I disagree with that position, as many folks who are not knowledgeable about the futility of gun bans may be unwittingly putting their lives at greater risk because they were lied to about the safety of the gun ban. Law abiding gun owners and carriers are already not dining there.

The purpose of this exercise is to let management let how many people are not eating at their eatery, advise IHOP HQ that this location is still in violation of their franchise agreement, and to inform potential customers that there is an elevated risk of patronizing a business that has a gun-FREE zone policy in effect.

How To Make Your Feelings Known
I am going to advocate two ways of making your position of this gun ban known. The first and more direct way is to visit IHOP's Corporate Web Page and send them an email. I have done this and received an email that stated that the management would be advised of corporate policy and would drop their gun ban. Apparently, this location has thumbed their nose at IHOP Corporate HQs.

Additionally, you can join our Boycott The Detroit IHOP Page on Facebook. As our numbers grow, this issue will garner attention and pressure local management to change their position. Sign up now!

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