Friday, May 21, 2010

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing Comes Out Of The Closet - He's Anti-Gun!

Yesterday, during a televised press conference about a seven year-old girl who was shot in the neck and killed by a rifle under the control of a Detroit Special Response Team officer, Detroit Mayor Dave Bing said the following:

"We got to really take a hard look at gun control."

It was a typical example of a big city mayor, as seen in other cities across our country, refusing to not waste an opportunity to exploit a tragedy to advance as an anti-gun agenda. Apparently, someone forgot to tell him that a member of the Detroit Police Department is at the center of the investigation regarding the death of Aiyanna Jones.

Before this statement, not much was known of Bing's stance on the lawful possession and private ownership of firearms; it was not a campaign issue when he recently sought election to the city's highest office. The state of Michigan had long ago revised its firearm laws to make it easier for black people to acquire Concealed Pistol Licenses. Previously, a discretionary issuing system barred folks in predominantly "ethnic" counties from qualifying.

Despite being known as an ocean of liberalism, Detroit is a town where a sizeble percentage of law-abiding residents own firearms and a majority of its sitting City Council members have state of Michigan Concealed Pistol Licenses (CPLs).

His apparent position on private gun ownership is hypocritical, as he has armed police officers protecting him and his family at public expense of the very residents he may be seeking to disarm.

The city of Detroit leadership has yet to get a handle on its violent crime problem. It is consistently ranked as one of the top violent cities in the country and on at least one list was listed as one of the most violent on the planet Earth.

Currently, thousands of rape kits await processing in an overflow police property room, the city's crime lab is still shut down because of incompetence, the city's Council is threatening to significantly slash the police department's budget, police response is published at 28 minutes but could not possibly be accurate, and area jails lack bed space to lock up criminals after they're caught.

If Mayor Bing wants to disarm anybody, he should start with his own police department before he seeks to disarm law-abiding citizens in a town full of violent criminals that "the system" lacks the resource to lock up.

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