Sunday, March 14, 2010

FREE Ladies Shooting Lesson Recap

Today, I trained two ladies how to successfully and safely load, discharge, and unload a firearm at a target range today. We all left the range with the same number of holes we had when we got there, so the event was a success.

I had eleven ladies RSVP but only two attended. If FREE isn't a sufficient inducement, nothing will ever be. Nevertheless, two more women in Detroit know how to shoot a firearm, so the city is a little bit safer for the rest of us.

If you are a lady who wishes to receive a FREE shooting lesson, join my Fan Page on Facebook.

If you want to make a monetary donation to support my activities - training women how to shoot - visit this page.


1 comment:

MyDetroitConnection said...

See if you would've kept the rsvp open a little longer I would've made three! And brought some people,lol. When's the next one?