Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Detroit Michigan CCW Class: Can You Shoot A Child?

Nathaniel Abraham made national headlines in November of 1999 when at the age of eleven years old he was sentenced to juvenile detention until his 21rst birthday. Two years earlier, he had fatally shot a Pontiac, Michigan man. This case started a national dialog as to how society and the court system should handle youthful offenders who commit and are convicted of heinous acts. At the time, Abraham was seen as an aberration. In the context of what we are witnessing now in the city of Detroit, he was actually a harbinger of events to come.

What Comes To Your Mind When Asked To Describe A Violent Predator?
In the Personal Protection Classes that I teach, considerable time is spent explaining the necessary mindset to fend off an attack. In essence, the class members are asked if they have it within them to shoot an attacker. Most respond in the affirmative that they would not hesitate to defend themselves against a jacker who jumps out of the bushes or a rapist who climbs through a compromised window.

The conversation inevitably gets interesting when I pose the question if they are capable, ready, and willing to shoot a violent and armed predator who happens to be a child. Some even view the question as an unfair one to be asked. Many, despite the incessant news reports in the media about youthful offenders, did not consider it to be a possibility.

As Seen On TV - Young, Violent, And Armed Children

On August 1rst, 2009 Detroit Police allege that 12 year-old Demarco Harris was armed with a handgun as he approached a woman sitting in car. A struggle ensued and the victim was fatally wounded in her chest. He is facing the charges of Felony Murder, Armed Robbery, and Felony Firearm.

On February 6th, 2009 16 year-old Jonathan Belton was ordered to stand trial on the following charges: First-Degree Murder, Murder of a Police Officer, and two felony firearm charges (most likely Felony Firearm and Minor In Possession Of Firearm).

On August 13th, 2009 17 year-old Ihab Masalmani was arraigned on several charges: Armed Bank Robbery, Kidnapping, and Felony Firearm. On the day prior, he was arraigned on a Car-Jacking charge. Further, he is a prime suspect in a murder case.

On August 21rst, 2009 two persons were arraigned on charges stemming from a robbery of a film production crew in Detroit. 17 year-old Brandon Bernard Tillis was charged with Armed Robbery, Resisting Arrest, and Felony Firearm. 16 year-old Dion Dangelo Boler was charged with Armed Robbery, Possession of a Short-Barreled Shotgun, Resisting Arrest, and Felony Firearm.

The Proper Mindset To Handle Young Predators

There is a lot of hand-wringing going on in our community about the youthful ages of some violent predators on the streets of Detroit. Much of the banter is focused on whether these juvenile criminals are aware of the consequences of their crimes. In fact, some folks even wonder if they should be held accountable for their offenses.

Such thinking is dangerous. For it matters not what leads these children to be able to commit a rape, robbery, or a murder. The point, not to lose sight of, is that they are doing these crimes.

You may have children in your care and may be inclined to assume that you know how to relate to all kids. However, make no mistake about it, if you meet one of these youthful animals on the street, they will not hesitate to hurt you or force you to hurt them first. There is no reasoning with them. They do not respect you. They don't respect anything. The bare truth is that you, as a person, are meaningless to them. The only truth in this scenario is that they are ready, willing, and able to use violence against you to get what they want.

Bottom Line

Should you ever desire to carry a firearm for personal protection, make sure that you are prepared, trained, and willing to use it against anyone who poses an imminent threat to your safety. If you hesitate because you feel pity or compassion for your youthful assailant, you may compromise your safety. In such a scenario, you may have your gun taken from you, you may get beaten with your own gun, or you may get shot and killed with our own gun. Thus, you should show your attacker no mercy in the defense of your life; he won't show you any.

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Anonymous said...

Those little creeps have had no moral training, have no conscience. They are more dangerous than a rattlesnake. You better be prepared to defend yourself as they will not hesitate to kill or hurt you badly.