Saturday, February 28, 2009

Michigan Firearms Act Changes - Effective April 6, 2009

The Michigan Firearms Act was recently amended to add two new classifications of persons who are not subject to Pistol Free Zone Violations: State Court Judges and State Court Retired Judges.

Section 28.421 added two new definitions:

  • State Court Judge:
    • a judge of the district court, circuit court, probate court, or court of appeals or justice of the supreme court of this state who is serving either by election or appointment

  • State Court Retired Judge:
    • a judge or justice described in subdivision (j) who is retired, or a retired judge of the recorders court.

Note: Subdivision (j) refers to the definition of State Court Judge. Curiously enough, my reading of the statute infers that current Recorders Court judges are not eligible for special treatment until they retire.

Section 28.425o defines Pistol Free Zones and identifies classifications of people who are exempt from going to those areas without a firearm.

The revised list of exempt persons will soon consist of the following:

  • Retired Police Officer
  • Retired Law Enforcement Officer
  • Security Employee of Pistol Free Zone
  • Security Contractor of Pistol Free Zone
  • Licensed Private Detective
  • Licensed Private Investigator
  • Sheriff's Dept. Corrections Officer
  • Motor Carrier Officer
  • Capitol Security Officer
  • Sheriff's Posse Member
  • Reserve/Auxillary Police Officers
  • Reserve/Auxillary Sheriff's Dept.
  • Dept. Corrections Parole Officer
  • Dept. Corrections Probation Officer
  • State Court Judge
  • State Court Retired Judge

These changes go into effect April 6, 2009.

My personal opinion is that we shouldn't have Pistol Free Zones. History has shown and will continue to show that these places are safe havens for mentally ill and/or evil people to attack large numbers of people with impunity due to the fact that the victims will be unarmed.

Disclaimer: I am not an attorney. Read the statute for yourself and consult with an attorney before taking any action based on info in this post.

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