Friday, January 2, 2009

Yet Another Testimonial From Last Sunday's Southfield CCW Class!

My fiancee and I took Rick's self-defense CCW/CPL class and it was one of the best classes I've sat in! We both have had past experience with different types of guns/firearms but wanted to get our CPL just in case and just to have it.

We were interested in the focus on self-defense because we felt we were already comfortable with guns safety/respect. This class was hands down the best class we could have taken! Not only was the class energetic and high spirited, we were also emotionally prepared for using a firearm for personal protection.

We were also prepped on the lifestyle changes that come with carrying a pistol. The instructors that accompanied Rick were great, they made a great team. The coaching at the range was a nice finish to the day.

We have told many of our family and friends about our great experience and have encouraged them to even travel 3+ hours to Detroit for the weekend just to take THIS class!

We highly recommend this class!!

Kristen & Bill, Dearborn Heights, Wayne County, Michigan

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