Tuesday, September 30, 2008

15 Lame Excuses People Give For Not Taking A Michigan CPL Class

This post is the result of a conversation I recently had with a couple of other firearms instructors at a coffee shop recently. In short, our meetings are our attempts of Napoleon Hill style "Mastermind Sessions." You see, we meet for coffee, jokes, and fellowship a couple of times per month to kick around ideas and experiences.

Somehow, on this date, we got on the subject of the excuses we get from prospective students about why they aren't ready to enroll in a state of Michigan approved Basic Pistol Safety Training Class so that they can meet the statutory education and shooting requirements for a Concealed Pistol License.

None of us engage in cold-calling prospecting over the phone; our prospects call us after hearing about us from our advertising. Thus, we field a lot of phone calls. In fact, to a man we receive too many calls from lukewarm prospects. We spend a lot of time educating people about the requirements and the process. However, when it is time to sign the students up we receive a litany of excuses. To all of our mutual surprise, we have all "heard it all."

Here are the excuses for inaction that have been given to us:

Excuse 1: "I don't have the money."
Rebuttal 1: We all have money for the things that matter. Just imagine what your armed assailant will think of your excuse when you don't have any money during the robbery.

Excuse 2: "I am working too much over-time."
Rebuttal 2: Excellent! You are going to need a pocket full of money during your robbery to appease your attacker(s).

Excuse 3: "I am waiting on my income tax check."
Rebuttal 3: So is your assailant.

Excuse 4: "My daughter is in town this weekend."
Rebuttal 4: Wouldn't it be tragic if you were not able to defend your daughter against a violent and unprovoked attack?

Excuse 5: "I Just Got Laid Off."
Rebuttal 5: You didn't take the class when you were working, so your motivation to take the class is in question. Besides, what will your attacker do when you don't have any money?

Excuse 6: "I Am Waiting For A Friend To Take The Class With Me."
Rebuttal 6: Your friend doesn't want to take the class. In fact, your friend is tired of you talking about taking the class.

Excuse 7: "I Have A Hair Appointment Scheduled For That Date."
Rebuttal 7: Your assailant will not be concerned with how your hair looks.

Excuse 8: "My Car Broke Down."
Rebuttal 8: I had a student last year ride his bicycle on snow-covered streets to attend my class. He could have caught a cab - maybe he was short on funds but he still managed to put away enough money to take the class. Also, jackers have no qualms about attacking you at a bus stop.

Excuse 9: "The Economy Is Bad; I Need To Save Every Penny."
Rebuttal 9: Yes, the economy is bad and it will get worse before it gets better. In fact, the economy is so bad that the incidence of violent crime in Detroit is already unacceptable and will get significantly worse.

Excuse 10: "I Can't Attend That Day; I Am A Pastor."
Rebuttal 10: You didn't see the shoot-out in Detroit at a funeral service at a church? Violent criminals have no qualms about attacking you on "Holy Ground." Besides, don't you have an Assistant Pastor? No? Who covers for you when you take your vacation?

Excuse 11: "I Am Celebrating A Birthday On That Day!"
Rebuttal 11: We don't teach night classes. Besides, criminals don't plan robberies around your birthday. When it's your turn, it's your turn.

Excuse 12: "I Am Too Busy - I Am In School."
Rebuttal 12: Students find time to do all sorts of things unrelated to school. Besides, college campuses are popular places for predators to look for victims.

Excuse 13: "I Am Afraid Of Guns."
Rebuttal 13: Your armed assailant isn't afraid of guns. Why are you?

Excuse 14: "It's Tax Season - I Am Too Busy."
Rebuttal 14: Your assailant will be happy that you have been too busy working to take a one-day class to learn how to defend yourself. He'll also be tickled pink that you do not have a gun.

Excuse 15: "I Can't Take A Day Off from Work."
Rebuttal 15: You are the only person in America who has not "called in sick" to handle a personal emergency?

Whatever your excuse "is," just be real to yourself and acknowledge it for what it is - an excuse. As a former violent crime victim, I know what it feels like to be deluded into believing that it could never happen to you. I know what it feels like for multiple predators to wave guns in my face with no regard for my safety. I know what it feels like to be robbed in my own back yard.

After my experience, excuses went out the window. I "found" the money to not only buy a handgun, but to also take a CPL class and submit my application to the state. If you won't do it for you - why not do it for the ones that depend on you to keep them safe?

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